April 4, 2012

Easter Hat Parade!

Today was Milla's preschool Easter Hat Parade and Easter party. We had a note come home from preschool a week ago asking us to make an Easter hat to wear for the parade so off we went to the $2 shop for bits and pieces and created a bunny bonnet!!

We were also asked to bring along a plate of food to share so we made bunny cups of popcorn

The party was lots of fun, Easter decorations, Easter colouring in, Easter music and Easter food galore!

The kids all did a great job showing off their hats in the parade.

Then just as the parade ended a large fluffy (kind of scary looking) bunny hopped into the preschool!!! It was exciting but the one snap I managed to get of Milla with him looks like she is terrified of him - really she just had a mouth full of Easter egg!!

LOTS of fun!


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Dee said...

SO cute !
Hope you have a great Easter break.
Dee x