May 24, 2011

Customer Feedback Photos

I just had to share this photo I received from a recent customer as its such a clever idea!

Hayley from 'The Little Sweetiepie Project' emailed me to ask if I could make her a custom bunting for her new business. Of course I jumped in and together we came up with a colourful polka dot banner to match her bright and cheery logo.
Hayley plans to use this banner to hang on her market stalls but during the time she is not showing off her gorgeous handmade accessories the banner will proudly hang in her little sweetiepie's bedroom - Clever!

This could work for lots of businesses out there that have a cute biz name that can double as a 'nick name' for your kids or you can simply turn the banner around to show the blank side of the flags when using it as decor in your home then use the word side on your markets - 2 banners in one!

1 comment:

OurWanderingAdventures said...

That looks wonderful!!!

We got our tie and my son LOVES it!! Thank you so much!!!