May 16, 2011

Happy (belated) Friday Find

It seems Blogger wanted a day or two off late last week - a case of Friday-itis I guess. No one could post on their blogs and lots of posts even disappeared for 24hrs. Never fear, it was a great chance to catch up on just reading other fabulous blogs!
So as I couldn't post my Happy Friday Find from last week I just kept it to show you all today and start your week with a warm bunting squeeze from me to you... A personalised Wheat Heat Pack from Iddy Biddy Boo.

Seriously I think these are brilliant for warming those toes on a cold night while sitting at the computer or on the couch! And with a bunch of cute designs available I bet you'll find one to suit you... I do LOVE the bunting design myself ;)

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

planettreasures said...

haha! of course you would love the bunting design - bunting girl!
But what a great idea to use it while sitting in the cold computer nook.