April 12, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs - DIY

This weekend coming we have a few people coming over for brunch so being only 1 week away from Easter I'm thinking I might decorate the table with a bit of an Easter feel.
I have a plan to use a few things already in my cupboard for making the table look fun but needed to have some Easter eggs for the final touch so what a perfect opportunity for a little creative session with the kiddies!

You'll Need:
Hard boiled eggs
Food colouring
Wax crayons
Hot water
White vinegar
Tongs or slotted spoon
Small bowls
Drying rack
Paper towel or newspaper (to avoid your work space ending up a multi colored mess)

I hard boiled the eggs last night so they would be cool and ready for colouring today. We started by drawing some patterns on the egg shells with crayons.

Then placed them in little bowls of food colouring, water and vinegar mix (a how to video and mixture quantities can be found HERE)

Leave them in the liquid until the eggs are the desired colour then with your tongs or slotted spoon remove them from the liquid and place on a cooling rack to dry.

Milla LOVED helping me with these!! and I think she will be rather chuffed to see them used on the table when or guests join us for brunch on Sunday.



Vanessa said...

Oh I love them, thanks for the "tutorial!" I think I've been inspired and will have to try my first Easter crafts with the kids (may end up as a disaster, but I'm sure it will be fun!)

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Such a fun easter tradition. She looks so very proud in that last photo!