November 2, 2010

Felt Gumballs

So have you discovered Craftumi yet?

Craftumi is an online buying and selling destination for Art and Craft supplies.
At Craftumi you can purchase products to help you complete your next project from Australian Suppliers.
Craftumi is brought to you buy the same people who brought you madeit.

Like many crafters out there I could spend hours shopping & browsing for supplies and this is exactly what I do on Craftumi! Soooo many gorgeous and fun things to find.
My first purchase through Craftumi was a bunch of felt balls just the other day from Sarah at Heart Supplies and I love them!

I received a small classic looking gumball machine from Santa when I was about 8yrs old and still LOVE it to this day. It takes 10c pieces to work, but I can't have the temptation of lollies around me - they never last long! I have held onto it all this time just waiting for inspiration for something to do with it to hit me, so when I spotted the colourful felt balls from Heart Supplies they were perfect - Gumballs!!

After a few quick emails back and forth to Sarah I had a fun colour selection of gumballs looking fabulous in my old gumball machine that now lives on a shelf in my kitchen - FUN!


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

Very cool! I bought some of her buttons recently, just lovely.

Sarah said...

Thanks Amy. Glad you liked them. The gumball machine looks fabulous. Looks great on your bench next to the coffee machine. What a great idea.