September 30, 2010

Customer Feedback Photos - sort of...

I LOVE the world wide web. Sure there can be 'dodgyness' out there but you can be smart about it and miss 99% of that and just use the amazing tool that is the www!
One example of this is what i found in my email last night... no it wasn't one of those 'you have just be awarded 230,000... all we need are your bank details and will transfer it right over' blah, blah, blah it was my daily emails from Google Alerts. I have programmed into Google Alerts a few key words like Giggleberry and others and get a daily email if these keywords pop up fresh on the www that day - such as being tagged in a blog. This is exactly what happened, I was 'alerted' to the word Giggleberry being tagged on Style Me pretty: bridal inspirations.
So of course I went to check it out to find this

not only is it a fun and gorgeous photo of one very happy couple at their Colorado wedding but on closer inspection you can spot some Giggleberry bunting behind the bride which she bought from me just a few short months ago.

How cool is that!?!
So thanks so much Style Me Pretty for the tag and a HUGE thanks to good old Google Alerts!
Be sure to click HERE for all kinds of other stunning photos from this beautiful wedding!

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