April 9, 2010

Going to the chapel, and we're gonna (see someone else) get married!

Tomorrow is the 'Big Day' for two of our very good friends - Matthew and Tricia. These two lovebirds have been together for as long as I have known them and I just can't wait to see them tie the knot!
I have had so much fun (since they announced their engagement over 12 months ago) finding little handmade goodies as fun gifts for them along the way and thought I'd share.

Hand Stamped Personalised Guitar Pick from JC Jewelry Design - Matt and Trish are in a band together... Matt plays guitar... this gift is PERFECT!
Personalized Wedding Gift Card featuring badges from HMC Designs - saw this at the last minute... asked for it to be made up an express posted. The amazing Heidi who makes them was very lovely and did it - so happy with this funky card!
Personalised LOVE magnet from Whimsical Creations - just too cute to resist!
Personalised Silver Dress Hanger from Lil Frances - I gave this to Trish a few months ago. It says 'Mrs Morosin' which is who she will be after tomorrow... She plans to have her dress photographed hanging on it - Awwwwww!

So onto the question most females think when a wedding is coming up... "What am I going to wear?"

I can't tell you the last time I had an excuse to buy an entire new outfit and get all dressed up so believe me it was so much fun finding what to wear! I found a fun and floaty black ruffle skirt and a simple white sleeveless top with a small ruffle detail to go with it. I also bought a little grey knitted shrug as the wedding is an afternoon into the evening event so it could end up a little chilly. But the most fun I had was shopping for the accessories from the comfort of my couch on etsy... I found:
Double Pearl Ribbon Necklace from Leela Beela Beads so very lovely, I couldn't resist this!
South Sea Shell Pearl earrings from Realisation Creations simple and elegant.
Vintage inspired Flower Headband from Gimme That! - Perfectly ties all the tones together and the pearls too!
I also bough some simple black heels online but they still haven't arrived... I'll find something to work before 3pm tomorrow (I hope)

We have the babysitter booked in, hubby has a new outfit and we're ready to go and share Trish and Matt's special day. We wish them every dream they have for their future together xxx

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Unknown said...

I love the way you put the elegant greys and creams together - and thanks for mentioning me here too! xo