February 15, 2010

More Pirate Party Planning... Arrrrr!

We are now two weeks away from Cap'n Harrison's 1st birthday Pirate Party! I'm pretty sure I have all the bits and pieces I need... I just have to make it all come together!

To Do:
Send out invites
Make Lolly bag name tags
Fill & Tag Lolly bags
Make bunting
Buy birthday boy's outfit
organise final bits and pieces for 'Treasure Hunt' game

Now, my boy can't have a party without some Giggleberry bunting so I got my hands on some fun red, black and white skull and cross bones fabric and matched it with some red & white thick striped fabric and some black & white thin striped fabric and sewed until there was no fabric left! Ta dah - ALLOT of pirate bunting to hang at the park!

I had some small 'off cuts' from the flags so I made some fabric backed gift tags with it and then on the other side, in a pirate looking font, I put each child's name with Pirate in front of it (e.g. Pirate Milla) these will be used as the name tags for the lolly bags. Cute hey?

Cap't Harrison's outfit needs to be something the birthday boy can still play in so we stayed away from a 'dress up' costume and found these adorable shorts from Brusslesprouts with pirates all over them. They will be worn with a basic white T-shirt Harrison was given for Christmas (totally random but worked out just perfect!) that has a small embroidered pirate face on it.

To Do (24 hrs before):
Make cupcakes
Make cookies
Make 'The Cake'
Pack car full of everything! (I probably should make a 'To Take' list too)

I was the lucky giveaway winner recently of some of these red with white stars cupcake wrappers from The Cupcake Wrapper Co, so immediately set them aside for use at the party. I plan to make some simple cupcakes decorated like these I found on Flickr with a pirate flag and maybe a gold foil chocolate coin too...

For a bit of Swashbuckling fun we are having a Treasure Hunt at the party. There will be a padlocked treasure chest with us at the park for all the guests to see (the treasure chest is just my kids big toy basket that I will empty and take along on the day).
You may remember from HERE that we made a pirate Treasure Map. This map has a number of X's on it. At each of the 5 X's there will be a hidden key that hubby will take the kids on the hunt to find. Once they find all the keys they will come back to the locked treasure chest and try each key until the padlock can be opened - revealing the birthday cake inside!
The birthday cake will be (if it turns out alright) a treasure chest cake full of gold coins & lolly jewels! I have be using the ever faithful Google search to help me work out the best way to make & decorate the cake. I LOVE the look of this one I found on the great website Coolest Birthday Cakes.

Between the videos I found HERE and HERE and the 'how to' blog post I found HERE I feeling confident I can put Cap't Harrison's fun cake together.
Now, have I forgotten anything???? Not long now and I will be able to share photos from the party - Yay!



Veri-Tea said...

Oh wow, that sounds like the best birthday party ever! Can't wait to hear how it all turns out!

Tiges and Weince said...

Goodness me Amy you are one multi talented & I should mention SUPER organised gal.
Looking forward to the day.

BollingWith5 said...

How did your cake turn out? Just curious. I have a pirate party I am planning in three weeks and I need help with cake recipes/designs. ninjasmamma@yahoo.com

Birthday Cakes said...

That is super cool, I love the ideas, I did something similar for my little boy.
Coco from Birthday Cake Ideas