February 2, 2010

Furniture Reuses - Mum's Amazing Doll House

Remember when I posted HERE about my little girls repurposed play kitchen that my parents made for her? well it was featured just the other day on Design Dazzle blog and has since been an absolute hit around the 'blog world'!! These before and after pictures can be seen at Buzz Feed, Seven Little Australians,Babble Stroller Derby & The Home Crowd... and they are just the ones I was told about!



I have since been asked if I had any other furniture reuses. At first I couldn't think of any but then remembered my mum's most gorgeous dolls house.
This is not any ordinary dolls house this dolls house is a product of mum's imagination and dad's woodworking skills.
Mum's precious dolls house started out as this cheap, second hand, beat up, old wardrobe.

Then with some handiwork, a fresh coat of paint and a whole lot of love and dedication to the tiniest details, it has become...

...a much loved 5 story Victorian themed dolls house.

Each room even has working light fittings!

No detail has been overlooked.This is the tiled bathroom

The kitchen with the chef baking apple pies

and of course there must be a Santa and Christmas decorations to put in the house just for the festive season

My mum LOVES her dolls house and absolutely adores helping all her grandchildren find all the tiny things inside it... although she does have a smaller 'child friendly' dolls house for the grandkids to get their hands on.



ittybittyandpretty said...

is delightful!! i love all of that minature art work. really amazing.

Thea said...

Oh wow, oh wow!!
I would have loved those when I was a little girl. No, I'd love those now!!!!!

Jennifer said...

WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!! That is soooo awesome!!!

Erin said...

Oh my!!! Incredible!!! I'm speechless!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Your mom's doll house is beautiful!! I still want my hubby to help me make our old entertainment center into a kitchen. Congrats on all the linky love!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful:)))

Sandy said...

Oh I feel like I'm so late on seeing this but we always say men never grow up they are little boys inside, but I think it goes for us women too. I am 50 and seeing this I feel like a little girl again! How gifted your mum is. When I grow up I wana be just like her. lol. God bless her heart.