January 10, 2010

Pirate Party Planning... Arrrrr!

In just a little over a month my youngest, Harrison, turns 1 (wow that year went fast!) and with Master Harris being the last of our little crew we have a good reason to go all out for his birthday!
When throwing around ideas a few months ago hubby suggested a pirate theme for the party. So every now and then I have been bookmarking pirate ideas on blogs, marking handmade pirate items on Etsy and Madeit and putting together some inspiration and ideas... these are a few things I had filed away:

So now with the craziness of Christmas and our little family holiday all over I have decided to go full swing into pirate party planning, Yay!
First things first is to find the invites right? Done. After one of my many Pirate Party searches on Etsy I found these very cute handmade invites by Traci from T and Little S Designs. With one quick convo to Traci we worked out some fun wording, in 'pirate talk' for the party details e.g. "Shiver me timbers Captain Harrison is turning one! Set sail if ye dare and drop ye anchor for a Pirate Party" - cool hey?

Once the invites were picked we now had a colour scheme too: Red, Black & White so I went shopping!!
From The Spotty Napkin: pirate candles, pirate balloons, pirate 'sprinkles' & eye patches. From Complete Party Boxes: red & white striped loot bags, red & white balloons, pirate party hats & lollies for the loot bags. From good old Ebay I found some cute novelty pirate themed toys for the loot bags like small plastic telescopes and also bought these very cool cookie cutters to make some fun party food.

I also found from Spotlight pirate serviettes and from the local supermarket I bought some faux pearl necklaces and a big bundle of gold and silver chocolate coins... every pirate needs their treasure! And of course I have bought some red, black and white fabrics to make some Giggleberry bunting for decorating!
I then headed to a great blog for party planning, The Celebration Shoppe, where I had bookmarked their awesome ideas and tips for putting together a swashbuckling party HERE. I had seen a link to a clip showing how to make a pirate flag HERE and loved how great it looked (and how easy it was) so last night I got creating and put one together... with a little extra personalization for the birthday boy. We haven't quite worked out where it will hang on the day. Harrison's high chair perhaps??

So where is this party all taking place? (this is one of the best parts). Thanks to my sister we have found a park that is about 15 minutes drive from our house that has the most PERFECT play areas possible for this party... you guessed it A PIRATE SHIP!! (sorry I yelled, I'm just so excited) seriously, how COOL is this set up?

The park also has undercover tables and chairs and BBQ's. That means no setting up and cleaning up my house for the party shenanigans!!
Wow - this is all looking rather impressive when I put it all in one place.

Our next job is to visit the wonderful pirate ship park and plan out a treasure hunt for the kids at the party to go on. Hubby has big plans for making a 'real' treasure map where he will take the kids on a pirate adventure to find the treasure (birthday cake), where X marks the spot.
I'll be sure to post more pirate party planning updates as we get closer to the fun day.



ittybittyandpretty said...

oooh i want to live in your suburb! it all looks so good and you are right everyone deserves a doozy of a 1st birthday! have fun, cant wait to see the bunting :p
%*_*% rosey

MooBeeTees said...

Arrrrr! Way too cute! It sounds like the big pirates might even have more fun than the little pirates! I hope you are both going to don the eye patches as well :)

Tiges and Weince said...

Looks like its all coming together. So do you think Harrison would wear an eye patch for some piratey photos? Enjoy yourselves.

Carley said...

How exciting!! So can not wait to see all of these ideas come together :)

tscrapper said...

Thanks for including my invitations! Your party looks like it will be so much fun!

dancilhoney said...

This party planning is very helpful especially now I am looking for some Pirate Party Supplies thank you very much for sharing.

Clan Claxton said...

Can you please tell us where this park is...and where did you buy the fire hydrant drink bottles? Thanks.

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

The pirate park is in Westleigh, Sydney. The actual address is: Ruddock Park, Coral Heath Ave, Westleigh.

The Fire Hydrant drink bottles were bought online from here: http://www.shoalhavenkidsparties.com.au/product.php?id=151

Clan Claxton said...

Thanks so much Amy. For some reason I thought you were in New Zealand!