November 26, 2009

'The Great String of Bunting' - Part 3 (final installment)

Hooray!! I have just opened my emails to find one from the gorgeous Lauren of Belle Laide Events. Lauren is the person I worked with to make 'The Great String of Bunting' - 60 metres of bunting in soft yellows, blues and a touch of red. You can take a look HERE for Part 1 of the creation process and HERE for Part 2.
The beach side family event that the 60 metres was needed for was held last Sunday. Lauren tells me (even in the stinking hot weather) the day was a great success and that the bunting "looked gorgeous" - Yay!
Lauren was also very lovely to attach some pics that were snapped at the event of 'The Great String of Bunting' in use.

Thanks so much, Lauren, for letting me be a part of your event!!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is an absolutely amazing effort Amy !

Stunning buntings as always

Katherine x