November 13, 2009

'The Great String of Bunting' - Part 2

Done Diddely & delivered!! That's right all 200 flags have been cut, sewn, ironed, attached to their 60 metres of ribbon and hand delivered!!
There were a few bumps along the road like the ribbon I originally ordered for the banner not showing up on time (in fact it still hasn't arrived!) and the customer deciding they would like a floral fabric thrown into the mix - but neither of these things deterred me from completing this fun challenge in time... with a little help from my two kiddies for having an extra long snooze on the perfect day :)
After sewing the final flag into place yesterday I just had to snap some shots of 'The Great String of Bunting' to share.

My very well behaved 3 kids and I hand delivered the bunting this morning to Belle Laide Events and have been told there will be a professional photographer at the event the banners are to be used at, on the 22nd of November, so I will be able to see (and share) some snaps of 'The Great String of Bunting' in use - Stay Tuned!



ittybittyandpretty said...

%*_*% rosey

Momma J said...

Absolutely fabulous!!!

Jen said...

Wow - gorgeous as always Amy!!
and here is the link on my blog for your parent's stockings - thanks again for the photos!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

That turned out fabulous!