October 10, 2009

WARNING - Proud Mum Moment

My little man is up and moving!! He has been scooting from spot to spot very slowly in an army crawl style move and every now and then he would prop himself up on all four and get a rock going then crash back down to the floor... until today!
Just after dressing him in his pajamas after his shower tonight he was playing in his bedroom and I managed to grab my iPhone just in time to catch his first crawl! Yay!!

Now he is moving I bet we won't be able to stop him...


ittybittyandpretty said...

what a sweet sweet moment! and such a cute little fella.

Leah said...

Aw, so exciting!!

BonTons said...

How quickly they grow, lucky you to capture such a special moment!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

He is getting sooo big! So exciting!

Jen said...

Oh wow, that is so exciting!! And I have to say it freaked me out a bit, your voice sounds exactly like my daughters when she is talking to her 7 month old!! Must be a young mum thing!

(PS - the Sox are nearly done :)!!)