October 30, 2009

Any suggestions?...... please

I have a little deal in the works with a fabulous Kate of Tea & Jam Photography. The deal is: I make a bunch of bunting for Kate to use on her stand at the up and coming Mathildas Market in Melbourne and in return she is being lovey enough to take a handful of snaps of Giggleberry banners for me to use in promotions and things.
I finished Kate's banners last night - pretty groovy hey?

Now that Kate's bunting are all finished they are ready to be bundled up and posted off with the sets I decide on for the 'photo shoot'.... this is where I need your help please... What banners should I send Kate to be photographed?
I'm thinking I'll send 4 0r 5 sets and so far have decided on the Strawberries & Cream set

and a one of my shabby chic sets

but what others??? maybe a boy design and a bright pattern..... any and all suggestion welcome (pretty please, with a cherry on top)



Lou said...

I agree on the 2 you have chosen. Very nice. I would definately go for a boys one - maybe vintage cowboys and checks. Maybe Russian dolls as well as everyone loves those. Great swap idea!

Sunweeds said...

Hi Amy,
I had a quick look on your flickr I think the black and white, any of the spotty ones and maybe a personalised one Happy Birthday or a shop name one.Just my opinion, I think the spot ones would look fantastic.

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

First off that really long one is BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE the color combo!!!

Love the 2 you picked and I think you are right on the boy and a bright one.

BonTons said...

I'm so slow, you've probably posted them off already! Definately a boy one, and one with letters "Happy Birthday" "Merry Christmas"