January 19, 2009

Weekly Featured Artist - Marianne of Crochet by Momma J

What a collection this weeks Featured Artist has on offer in her shop Crochet by Momma J!! There are Afghans, Hangers, Sachets, Appliques, Diaper Bags/Clutches, Baby Booties, Baby Blankets, Bath Items and Hats/Scarves - surely you'd be able to find something amongst all these gorgeous handmade goodies that you or someone you know can't live without??

Tell us all about yourself and your craft?
My name is Marianne Jackson, and I live in Georgia (USA) with my husband of 15 years and 3 beautiful daughters (ages 3, 7 and 13). My craft is crocheting.

How long have you been creating your craft?
I began crocheting when I was pregnant with my now 7 year old. A co-worker of mine taught me during lunch breaks and I just fell in love with it!

What is one of the biggest lesson you have learnt about your craft & selling it?
The biggest lesson I have learned (am learning) is patience. Selling is not easy (haven't had one in a LONG time), but I am being patient and just trying to get myself out there for people to see.

Which of your items did you have the most fun creating & why?
I think the first blanket I designed was the most exciting. I had always done things from patterns, and I had so much fun creating my own and seeing that it actually looked good.

Is there a basic 'household' item you use when creating that seems to work just as good if not better than the actual 'tool'?
Nope - I stick with the tools of the trade.

What is your favourite candy bar & why?
Gotta be Snickers - I mean chocolate, caramel, nuts - who could ask for more?

If money, responsibilities, and time were no issues where in the great wide world would you go & why?
Greece. I have always wanted to take a cruise to Greece - ever since I was a child.


Andrea Baker said...

Momma J is not only a wonderful artist, she's a super supportive person as well. And just great to talk to! I love her work. Her girls are so beautiful and I just hope that Momma J prints out some of her photos and frames them!

Momma J said...

Thank you so much for the feature!

New England Quilter said...

I loved reading about the blanket MommaJ designed! Lovely feature!