December 1, 2008

Weekly Featured Artist - Julie of Tweet Tweet Boutique & Smoochers Closet

Every time I think my life could be more busy or full I meet someone who is more busy or has their plate fuller than mine... Thank you to Julie for finding the time between her two shops, her teaching job and her family to let us in on her life a little.

Tell us all about yourself and your craft?
My name is Julie Schultz. I am a mother of two boys, Will 3, and Connor 1 ½ years. I am married to Ryan, 7 years! I am a high school teacher and owner of Tweet Tweet Boutique and my recent shop Smooches Closet. I create special practical and keepsake personalized items and gifts for children.

How long have you been creating your craft?
I have been working at my craft for about 2 years. I stayed home for 3 years and began creating hair bows. About 6 months later I started sewing and I haven’t stopped since!

What is one of the biggest lesson you have learnt about your craft & selling it?
Keep it Simple and Do What You Love. Work on one thing at a time, master it, love doing it! I live by if I am not having fun that it is not for me….. and sometimes it needs to be done not perfect. I try to allow my creativity to be the focal point, and the feeling I get from finishing something that I love to do is priceless!

Which of your items did you have the most fun creating & why?
I love ribbon so my personalized ribbon purses from Smoochers Closet and my personalized ribbon key chains from Tweet Tweet Boutique are two of my favorite items to make.

Is there a basic 'household' item you use when creating that seems to work just as good if not better than the actual 'tool'?
I pretty much use whatever I need to use to get the job done-practicality wins over recommended most of the time.

What is your favourite candy bar & why?
I love tootsie rolls and twizzlers! Always have-always will!

If money, responsibilities, and time were no issues where in the great wide world would you go & why?
I would travel with my boys to see all of the Major League Ballparks and their cities. We are huge Chicago Cub Fans and seeing the Nation watching our favorite sport sure would be a treat!

Julie has many, many gorgeous items in both her stores and with Christmas less than a month away you'll be sure to find something for someone on your Christmas list....

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