December 16, 2008

Aussie Summer

Christmas time 'down under' means summer.... beach, barbeque's, sunscreen, day light savings, air conditioning, swimmers etc etc.... it might sound strange to those of you on the other side of the world surrounded by white, cold snow but this is the only Christmas I have ever known (one year I do wish for a white Christmas - just one).
With summer officially here the sun is up bright and early every day and by midday it is hot, hot, hot and without the luxury of a swimming pool in our backyard for my little girl (and me) to cool off I thought of the next best thing.... a big bucket of water for her to splash around in.

It was extremely cute watching her have fun in and out of the bucket so I took some happy snaps and emailed them to my parents later that night..... an hour or so later I had an email reply from my mum titled 'Like mother like daughter' with a few photos of me as a little girl doing the very same thing!!

I had to share the laugh and the similarities too - you'd never guess we are related really??? NOT!


Valerie said...

Oh ~ That is just too cute!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

How stinkin cute are the 2 of you!!

Brrr cold here in Buffalo, NY. Today is a high of 30.

Anonymous said...

I'll be RIGHT over! I do not appreciate cold weather (not one little bit!)

Anonymous said...

Cute! No white Christmas here either, in California by the water - although it got so cold yesterday I actually thought it might snow!

Scarlette Rose Fairy said...

That is so cute!!! Kids just love water!! Like mother like daughter!

Anonymous said...

Growing up in south Florida I can totally relate to the 'summer-in-Christmas-time' conditions!! LOL!!
I too wish for a White Christmas, 'one year'!!

I think that it is so cool that your mom is so internet saavy as to be able to email you pics of when you were a girl!! Very cool.

Great blog and I hope you can visit mine too!

Thanks - Lisa