August 4, 2008

And the winner is......

Again a great big thank you to everyone who voted for Giggleberry Creations in the 2008 Designer Chick Contest. The votes have all been counted and posted on the Girl Indie blog. Sadly even with over 260 votes from you wonderful supporters, Giggleberry didn't come in first, this time.
You can see all the entries and their information HERE. There were some awesome entries which made it a stiff competition and a big congratulations to Lily Pottery who not only won the Children's Accessories section but was also the Grand Prize Winner!
It looks as though Girl Indie will be making this competition a yearly event and you can be sure that Giggleberry Creations will be back next year!


Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't win, but congrats on coming so close!

Andrea Baker said...

oh, we tried so hard to get you into first place sweetie. But it was a great experience and like you said, there is always next year and other competitions.