March 24, 2013

Giggleberry Turns 30... almost!

Earlier this year I received an invite in the mail... not just any invite. This particular invitation was inviting my family and I to MY 30th birthday party!

It was a complete surprise. The details on the invite (I since have worked out they were designed by Cake Ink.) were the obvious ones; date, time, place and RSVP to my (sneaky) mum. On closer inspection of the invites it was clear the party colours would be yellow, white and black and with a certain city scape (& how much of a Newyorkaholic I am) I could only assume it would be a NYC themed event - Yay!!
Although it is a month earlier than my actual birthday the party day finally arrived yesterday and what a lovely day it was! A family friendly picnic was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday with the ones I love.
The first thing I noticed when we arrived at the picnic ground, besides the big sign announcing we were in the right spot, was bunting.... Matching perfectly to the colour and theme, I hadn't made it so we all had a giggle that Grandma Giggleberry would put me out of business!! There was also NYC images and a few popular NYC street signs hanging around to set the mood :)

Once everyone arrived lunch was served... NYC style hot dogs with the lot - we're talking cheese, onion, mustard, ketchup, cheese, chilli, bacon etc and all served alongside some bagel chips, onion rings, pretzels and a drink in a little cardboard taxi cab.
No party is a party without a cake and mine did not disappoint!! Again my sneaky mum was on the case and had got in contract with the one I would go to for cakes, Leora, from Party Cakes by Leora. With a few hints and ideas I was told Leora was left to create and I adore what she came up with!! It totally matched the party AND even had bunting on it!!!!

The cake was a scrumptious chocolate mud cake with a sooooo yummy chocolate ganache under the yellow icing - YUM!!
I made sure I got to munch on the statue of liberty AND some bunting :)

My mum had also made a few cupcakes that were iced yellow and adorned with NYC toppers.

Later in the day I was happily chatting away to someone when I heard my name called out to "look". Hanging from one of the trees was a New York cab piƱata!!! Blind fold went on, I was spun a few times and handed a large stick and away I went... LOTS of fun!! All the kids and some big kids too had a go until finally the cab was torn apart and lollies fell from the sky!

We all went home with a lolly bag handed out by two of my very gorgeous nieces or 'candy girls' (just like a NYC baseball game). Inside the lolly bags was a selection of US candy including taffy, Jolly Ranchers, Herseys Kisses, Peanut butter cups, a York mint, a 5th Avenue bar & a gummi pizza.

I felt very spoilt and special and just LOVED all the little details that went onto the day - THANK YOU mummy!!!
Now, with my actual birthday not until the end of April this must mean I get to celebrate all month long, right???

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