January 27, 2013

Wooden Beach Chair Makeover!

Over the Christmas break we spent two relaxing weeks at my lovely mother-in-laws place by the beach. One of the days we were there I headed off to the shops for some supplies. I pulled into the car park of the shop and just happened to park my car near the large industrial rubbish bin the surrounding shops used. Leaning up against the bin (I swear it was basically calling to me) was two rather worn looking wooden beach chairs. I was stopped in my tracks! I had literally said to my hubby only a few days earlier how I would love to create a little relaxing/reading/chill-out spot to sit in the sunshine near my veggie garden and now staring at me was THE perfect style chairs!!

Now let me just clear up I have never taken rubbish before and I must be honest I was so close to walking away from this beauty but I figured - what the heck and took a closer look. One of the two chair was rubbish, buuuuut the other was just in need of some TLC so I heaved it into my boot and after buying the things I actually went to the shop for I headed home to show hubby my new find (I'm lucky he loves me so much and just goes with my crazy ideas teehee).
Now we are back from holidays and back into the swing of routine etc I thought it was about time I got to my chair and give it the love it needed. Out came the sanding paper, wood glue and a cleaning cloth and it was already looking allot better!

Next was the fun part... Painting!
I had 1/2 a tin of the bright and cheery turquoise paint left over from my dining table makeover in the shed so that made the colour decision easy. With the gorgeous sunny day we had yesterday the painting job was done in lightening speed and looking fab!

It just need one last thing. A fun and colourful new cushion & this pink flamingo one from Freedom was perfect!

My 'new' chair went into it's spot and I was in love!! Exactly what I was after for the price of some wood glue and a new cushion - BARGAIN!

Now there was only one way to make my new Mummy Corner better.... Fairy Lights!!

Isn't she pretty? I can see many day dream being had here........

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Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

Looks great! Love the color.