August 26, 2012

Dining Table & Chairs Makeover!

Excuse the recent absent from the blog (i.e. no Happy Friday Find) but I have been at the very end of a DIY project over the past few days and was so close to finishing that the excitement and any spare time was being put into it.
About 4 months ago I had the brilliant idea to give our pine dining table and 6 chairs a makeover. I knew it would be a big-ish job but didn't quite bargain for just how much time it would take. With a small family and Giggleberry Creations keeping me busy, finding spare time to sand, sand, sand back all the chairs and table's nooks and cranies was tricky but I got there in the end! (this is where a HUGE thanks needs to be mentioned to my gorgeous family who have put up with using our outdoor setting in the kitchen for meals temporarily)
There was nothing at all wrong with the dining set. It was just 'loved' shall we say. It has been around for many years so the original lacquered finish was chipped and wearing away. It is a great table, with two 'inserts' that can be added or removed to make the table accommodate a range of amount of people which I love but it just needed some new life...
Not a great BEFORE pic (from a few years ago at Milla's rainbow party) but you get the idea...

A few process pics...
Under coated!
'Aged'/ Beaten up / Made to look 'rustic' - this part was tough to start as I had a freshly painted table and wasn't sure if I was about to ruin all my hard work by attacking it with sanding paper and a wooden block!
Table top stained! I controlled myself and left it all to sit and dry for 24hrs. I finally convinced hubby we had waited long enough and asked him to help me carry it all inside.
With a freshly mopped kitchen floor and a few bits on the table top, just to finish it all off, I am absolutely in LOVE with the end result!!!

I LOVE the turquoise colour under the dark stain table top against the red frames on our art gallery wall... and the beaten up legs and chairs almost make it look like it was rescued from an old farm house (and a great way to hide any extra bumps it will get in it's new life with my crazy kids!)

Harris was the first to try it out with a quiet game of Beetle while I stood back and admired my work!

What do you think??


Anonymous said...

For someone who really loves the natural look of wood, I think this looks really great !
I love my dining table as it is and won't be changing it, but those chairs... I am inspired !

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

That turned out amazing!!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Wow! It's a completely different table - great job!!!!!!!! Now I wished w hadn't replaced ours that looked just like that but in very bad condition. You should be mighty proud of that transformation.