August 11, 2011

Bedside Table Repurposed into Toy Tool Work Bench!!

Inspired by THIS very clever re-purpose of a night stand by The Frugal Granny, Papa & Grandma Gigggleberry helped me turn an old un-used bedside table that hubby I didn't need anymore into one groovy Toy Tool Work Bench for my little guy.

This is how is started. A basic, old, dust covered timber bedside table that was destined for landfill!

I gave it a light sand & clean all over then painted on an undercoat.

The next part I had to leave up to Papa Giggleberry as I am no good with power tools & woodworking. With the help of his grandbabies while babysitting last weekend, Papa Giggleberry added a piece of timber to the top bedside table to make it a little wider and then screwed some peg board to the back of the unit.

Next was all hands on deck to paint it. We went with grey & black.

While the kids snoozed the other day I sat in the sunshine and hung all the toy tools on the peg board with hooks. Once I was happy with their placement drew around them with a pencil. With the same black paint we used on the bench top I painted inside the pencil outlines to create silhouettes.

A few hours drying in the sun, all the hooks popped back into place and the tools, we bought for a bargain at Aldi just a few weeks ago, now hanging in their place and it was ready to go!!

Harrison The Handyman LOVES it!! He has been hammering, cutting and 'fixing' non-stop!!



Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

That turned out awesome!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE it ! I'm sure your little man will be the envy of all his tradie mates too !

OurWanderingAdventures said...

Love the painted shadows!

doodlekreations said...

I love it !! the silhouettes are adorable too :) What a lucky little boy.