June 14, 2011

Run Giggleberry Run!

In about May last year I was floating through the blog & Daily Routine of Sunny Mummy. I LOVE everything Stacey stands for: Mum's should "look after themselves first in order to look after their families best". I adore being a mummy but was not completely happy with how much 'me time' I was allowing myself... It was then I realised I was doing no exercise - seriously NONE. Besides following my kids round at the park I was not active at all and was becoming increasingly un-impressed with my waistline so I decided to do something about it. I set an alarm for some un-godly hour of the morning (I'm NOT a morning person). I put on my sneakers (I had to dig them out of the corner of my cupboard and dust them off first LOL) and I went for a run!
I only got to the end of my street before I was huffing and puffing like crazy and quickly dropped off to a walk. I walked around the block but when I got home I felt great! Sure I hadn't run a marathon or anything but I had got up off my butt for the first time since trying to lose weight for our wedding 3.5 years earlier!!
Little bit by little bit my walking pace picked up each morning and eventually I was getting up at 6am to go jogging around our block 3 times a week. When we moved house in September I found a new route to run and was running 3kms 3-4 times per week... I have since added to it and was happily running 4kms 4 times a week.
NOTE: This all started as a pledge to myself to get fit, lose weight and start taking care of me - I had NO IDEA how much I would actually enjoy it! I truly think I am a happier wife and mum than I was 18 months ago and all it took was a little bit of 'me time'!!

For the past few years family & good friends of ours have trained then run many races in our Running The Marathon Of Autism campaign to help raise money for my step-daughter Felicity's Son-Rise Program for her severe Autism. Each and every runner who has done this for Felicity are NOT professional athletes - They are mums, dads and even grandparents who love Felicity and want to help. This year it's my turn to join them!!

On August 14th I WILL be taking part in the Sydney City 2 Surf and I WILL finish the race one way or another! I WILL enjoy every step and I WILL be doing it for Felicity, myself and my family!

I have added 2kms to my morning run already (go me!) and now run 6kms every morning while I watch the sun come up but I would LOVE your support and motivation vibes please - I, along with 3 others (so far) who are running the City 2 Surf for Felicity would all be so thrilled to know we were able to raise money along the way. Please head HERE to donate to Felicity's Son-Rise Program that she has come so far in already, our family will be forever grateful and I promise I'll run a little harder up 'Heartbreak Hill' :)

THANKYOU Sunny Mummy Stacey for the reminder to take care of myself! I am happier, healthier, 15kgs lighter and thrilled I can support my family this way all because I took a little time out for me!!
Keep watching this space as I'll up-date you all on my training, race prep and our fundraising efforts along the way!!


Jane said...

Good for you Amy: Running is so good for the soul. Jane:)

shan {missy melly} said...

you rock!!! and this was just the post i needed to read today so thank you my beautiful friend... i'm so so proud of you :)