February 21, 2011

Soccer Party - Decorations

Looking good so far for weather predictions for this weekends Soccer Party for my little guys 2nd birthday - Yay! I've spent the past few days getting the decorations together and with glue stick & scissors in hand I have been having a ball (mind the soccer pun).

For our front door to greet guests/soccer fans is a little flag banner I threw together with the birthday boy's name and age. Attach a little bit of soccer ribbon and TaDah:

A few of these balloons, I got on ebay, around the place will put us in party mood

And I just LOVE these party printables from Cake Ink. for the food labels and thank you tags

I had a brain wave hit while sitting on the couch the other night thinking about all things soccer. I wanted something to go above the food table to serve as a 'backdrop' and needed it to be biggish but not too crazy busy and still a bit of fun..... A Scoreboard!!!

A quick trip to the news-agent for some cardboard & dot stickers then an hour playing around while sitting infront of the TV and I'm almost done. I have a few ideas for some finishing touches but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with it. I love that it's personalised - TIME: is Harris' time of birth and the score under HOME: is his age!
all this plus the bunting I made a little while ago and our house should look like a pretty good Harris fan club!!



Maxabella said...

It's all going to look so fab! Bring on the good weather. x

Cari @ Socially Circled said...

Love it! I love that your backdrop is so personalized!!!

Red Letter Studio said...

its all coming together now Amy! looks great!! :) x

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Looks fantastic - no detail overlooked. I'm sure he'll have a great time!