January 27, 2011

Fairytale Party Pics

Once upon a time (see HERE) Grandma Giggleberry was asked by a friend to plan a Fairytale 40th birthday party. Grandma Giggleberry was kind enough to let me play along and together we had a wonderful party planning adventure... this is how it went:

Invitations custom made by Cake Ink went out to all the guests to inform them of the party details for 'Princess Jelly' (her name is Janelle but all her friends lovingly call her Jelly).

The party was held in the garden of Grandma & Papa Giggleberry's home so to decorate fairy lights were hung EVERYWHERE. I made a ribbon wreath for the door of Grandma Giggleberry's 'shed' and with fabrics that matched the invites perfectly I made some bunting. Grandma Giggleberry made some cushions for the wagon that lives in her backyard which made it the perfect 'Princess Carriage' and also made a banner to hang above the castle door entry that matched the invitations and printables from Cake Ink.

Papa Giggleberry was even roped into the party plans and whipped up this 'Castle Doorway' that fit perfectly into the garage doorway. With a bit of a paint job from Grandma Giggleberry it was the perfect welcome for guests to arrive through and served as a backdrop for some party snaps too.

A light supper was supplied so with a bit of imagination we made up fairytale names for all the food. Guests enjoyed things like:
* Chicken wings - Henny Penny's Little Leggys
* Spring Rolls - Sleeping Beauty 's 'Spring to Life' Rolls
* Dip - Goldilocks 'not too hot, not too cold but just right' dip
* Licorice all sorts slice - Hansel & Gretel's Candy Cottage Slice
It was all served on one end of this food table:

As you can see the other end of the table was a blue and white candy buffet! A big thanks to Candy Soirees & Harry's Rocky Road for helping source some of the sweet goodness enjoyed on the night

The birthday cake was made by Grandma Giggleberry but the gorgeous cake topper was custom made to match the invitations by Hello Naomi and looked fantastic!

The drinks table also looked the part with custom bottle labels from Cake Ink that read 'PJ's Royal Refreshments'

We were asked to keep the party relaxed and fun so Grandma Giggleberry came up with a little treasure hunt game she called 'Featured Fairytales'. Before anyone arrived there were 20 fairytale themed items hidden throughout the party. As guests arrived they were given this sheet:

During the party guests were encouraged to go on a little hunt and see if they could find some or all of the fairytale items such as Beauty & The Beasts' rose, The Gingerbread Man, The Ugly Duckling. Grandma Giggleberry also bought this cardboard castle cubby house and supplied all the kids at the party with colouring pencils and stickers to decorate it with.

To keep the fairytale theme running into the 'house keeping' of the party Grandma Giggleberry made up these signs and hung them on the fence for guests to know where to park their 'carriages'. It read "A decree has been sent out to all of the land asking that all pumpkin coaches, carriages and fairytale conveyances be parked along the castle boundary. -Princess Jelly"

These very cute Fairytale Pumpkin Coach Soaps were also purchased from Enchanting Soap Favors and placed in the bathroom - CUTE!

The party was an absolute hit with all the guests getting into the theme by dressing up and taking part in all the games and actives. I'm told Princess Jelly had a lovely time - Happy belated birthday Janelle xxx


candy soirees said...

Ohhhh this is sublime....love the details and the colours.....simply amazing xxxx

candy soirees said...

Ohhhhhhhhh love this party and every single detail, what a great and fun theme for a 40th ... Brilliant work xx

Moonlight and Whimsy said...

Just GORGEOUS!!! We love this so much! :) xo

Kawaii for You said...

Ohhh.... how fabulous! And how clever is Grandma Giggleberry painting that doorway. Bet you had lots of fun helping with this party! Christine xo

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Now that is one absolutely amazing party - such attention to detail - I LOVE it! It is obviously a very strong creative gene you have there with such creative parents! My favorite is the garage door and the costumes that people came in.

Red Letter Studio said...

oh wow it looks fantastic!! you girls are too clever :) I love the castle arch doorway!! very cool, and Hello Naomi's cake topper is super sweet!! :) xx

Brittany Schwaigert said...

SO CUTE! What a fun party! I want a princess party for my 40th!

Princess Jelly said...

Yes, it was rather fabulous. You and Grandma and Papa Giggleberry are AMAZING....thanks for every little bit.

Maxabella said...

Hmmmm.... A fairytale 40th, huh? I like the sound of that!! x