March 7, 2010

Customer Feedback Photos

I just love the people I get to meet through Giggleberry! One of these gorgeous people is Steph, who I 'met' through Twitter. This weekend Steph and her hubby-to-be had their engagement party, the party was planned around a vintage travel theme in colours yellow and blue so when I was asked to make some bunting for the outdoor party I was thrilled and knew just the fabric to use.

I hunted down some of these gorgeous Good Folks fabrics by Anna Maria Horner and got sewing. The banner turned out great and I got them sent off to Steph in New Zealand ASAP ready for her party.

A HUGE thanks, Steph, for sharing these photos with me! The set up looks fantastic! I hope your night was one full of memories!



Steph {bubblerock} said...

It was a great addition to the rest of the decor. I will totally use it again, most probably at the wedding and other summery event.
And I will certainly get another banner made up for when I have a kid's bedroom to decorate! Thanks Amy. You certainly did a fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

That blue & yellow fabric is gorgeous!