December 13, 2009

Customer Feedback Photos

Remember the excitement around going to a friends birthday party when you were a child? you'd wear you favorite outfit, do your hair all pretty, have the gift wrapped and ready then eagerly you would jump in the car ready for your mum or dad to drive you to your friends house.
I remember keenly watching out the car window for the balloons that would always be tied to the letterbox or front fence of the party house. So when I saw that Carley of Vanilla Pixie had used her custom ordered Circus Carnival bunting banners instead of the bundle of balloons to show guests of her daughters 5th birthday party where the festivities were I was so excited!!

I love this idea!! And a Giggleberry bunting banner can be reused for each party too - Perfect!!


1 comment:

Mon @ bpab said...

Awww nice one! I love parties. I'm about to plan miss Chai's 5th one! Yay!