May 21, 2009

One of A Kind Crazy Quilt!

My girls seem to love taking a blanket in the car with them when we go out. We then have blankets being dragged everywhere and fights over who's is who's. Then poor Harrison has his blanket swiped so I decided I would make them each their very own 'crazy quilt' from my ever growing scraps and off cuts. This way they have a designated 'travel blanket' so there can be no more arguments.... hopefully.

Anyway I started making them today and started with Harrison's. I used any boy fabrics I had. Alien's, army, monsters, sailors, planes, fireman, cars, pirates, sneakers, trains, sharks, robots, trucks..... and anything blue. I still have to put the wading in it and I want to use chenille fabric for the backing for extra comfort but you get the idea so far.

I plan to make another one out of all girly fabrics and the third one with all the patterned fabrics - stripes, polka dots, stars, paisley's etc...

I'll post more photos as I go.


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Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

How fun! My mom is going to make my daughter a doll quilt out of all the extra fabrics from all the clothes she made my daughter.