March 25, 2009

Autism Awareness banners

Some readers of this blog may know that one of my three busy bee kids is Felicity. Felicity - or Fliss as we say is our ball of energy 8 year old who has sever Autism. We have been working with Fliss in her Son-Rise Program® run by The Autism Treatment Center of America™ for the past 2 years now. We have seen and continue to see Fliss advance in ways we never thought of and were told by 'professionals' wouldn't be possible!!!
From seemingly living in her own little world, blocked off to any of us, Felicity has come out of her shell and now greets us with her beaming smile and a bear hug that could bring down a grown man! She is also slowly but surely adding words to her language and loves to show off her new found voice at any chance she gets.

With March coming to an end I was reminded that April is the national month of Autism Awareness so i thought I'd do my little bit. Just today I have listed in my shop HERE three sets of Giggleberry banners made from the fun, vibrant and colorful Autism awareness puzzle print fabric. These sets would be great for any room or area that is in need of a 'pick me up' and the best part ALL the sale price of these flag sets will go to The Autism Treatment Center of America™ to further help the many families who are also running The Son-Rise Program® like Felicity's in their own homes.

The Autism Treatment Center of America™, home of The Son-Rise Program®, has helped more than 22,000 families discover an extraordinary unity and caring in a situation that so often leads to division and stress. Children treated in The Son-Rise Program® have gone on to reintegrate into school, live full lives, and leave Autism behind. We offer hope, direction, support and confidence where others offer a bleak future.


New England Quilter said...

It is wonderful to hear that Felicity has made such wonderful progress! Good luck with your sales for a good cause!

Sencho said...

Very nice to hear that your doughter is doing so well! I came across a clip from a boy Patrick who's fully recovered from his autism by his son-rise program. I found it a heartwarming and inspiring clip to watch, and maybe it'll also inspire you :).

Good luck with the program of your child.