July 7, 2008

New Fabric Tags!!

I just love when the postman comes with a parcel.... you would think I'm a child the way I head straight to the letter box when I hear the motorcycle approach! Today's surprise were my custom fabric tags I had made by a great seller on etsy, greenbeansnstrings.
It was an Alchemy request I made early last week and I am thrilled how fast they were completed and posted (international even) and they came out great!!!
When ordering I wasn't sure if I should have them made with my etsy web address or just Giggleberry Creations but greenbeanstrings went above and beyond the call and did a quick goggle search of Giggleberry Creations to see what a possible customer would find in the situation of only knowing the company name and found that the whole results page is me so I went with it!
They are exactly what I was after and are now on each and every item I have in store!!! I'll be ordering my next lot as soon as these run low!


New England Quilter said...

Your tags look great!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

great tags! I might have to get myself some!