June 6, 2008

Giggleberry's First Custom Sale!

What a start to my experience with Etsy!
I opened my store - Giggleberry Creations - in April 2008 and was so very proud of myself.... I had a banner being built, had spreadsheets on file ready for sales records, had sent all my facebook 'friends' and email contacts my link and just couldn't wait to get started!
I just stared at my shop on my PC screen half the night tweaking and changing things every two seconds. I sat there waiting....... waiting......... waiting........ for that first sale to pop up. But as the saying goes 'a watch pot never boils' and when I saw the time on the clock I forced myself away from the computer for the sake of my brain to be working enough for my 6mth old first thing in the morning and went to bed to dream about the endless sales I would wake up to.
When I woke up I had come back down to earth and new I, of course, won't have a sale within the first 24hrs of my Grand Opening but checked my emails as normal anyway........... Drum roll please!! I had a 'conversation' from a fellow shop owner on Etsy telling me how excited she was to 'pounce' on my store and would I be interested in a custom order?
How exciting! I replied straight away and forgot all about breakfast!!!
My first customer was Patti Flynn who not only has an Etsy store but also sells her wonderful handmade soaps at craft markets and was wanting three sets of bunting/pennant strings to make her stall stand out from the rest! Great.... I had my first project and through 'convos' we decided on colour and lengths and I was sorted, almost.
I then realized with all the enthusiasm and excitement I actually had no idea how to list a custom order.....Whoops! What do I do now??
I poked around Etsy for a little while, starting to worry I would lose Giggleberry's 1st sale, then decided to go back to my customer and ask for help. This is where I must say a huge THANK YOU to Patti. She told me exactly what to do and even pointed me in the direction of Etsy's forums and teams for further help.
In no time the flags were done and in the mail to Patti for her stall...... Thanks again for both the sale and the help.... Giggleberry Creations was now under way!

1 comment:

patti flynn said...

and i have to say, the bunting looks even more dramatic and smashing in the flesh, so to speak!

thanks for doing such great quality work and knowing exactly what i wanted!