January 30, 2012

Australia Day's yellow and green BBQ

Australia Day is always a nice excuse to have a day off work and spend time with family and friends. Just like Australia Day last year (that I blogged about HERE) we had a BBQ at our place so I took the opportunity to play around with decorations.
The BBQ wasn't decided on until the last minute so once again I went to my 'Party Cupboard' to see what I could pull together. I wanted to be a little different to last years red, blue and white theme so went with the Aussie green and gold.

A yellow table cloth thrown over two tables to make one big square table was easy enough. I was then trying to think of a 'centre piece' while hanging some clothes on my line when I spotted some yellow flowers (I don't even know what kind they are) growing in our garden. So a few of those and some greenery went in glass jars that had yellow fabric tied around them and the middle of the table was looking complete.

I went through my spare flag stash and pulled out any that were green or yellow and ended up with quite a decent amount of bunting to hang above the table alongside some green and yellow paper lanterns I had shoved in my cupboard.

Hanging from the lanterns I had green and yellow ribbons then a handful of Australia slang words that were based around eating were made from old magazine letters onto cardboard gift tags. Words like Tucker, Grub, Barbie & Coldie were used and added a bit of conversation fun.

With a lunch menu of lamb leg, sausages, corn cobs, roast potatoes, salad and of course pavlova mixed with a splash in the kiddie pool, listening to Triple J's Hottest 100 and quality time spent with family the day was just lovely!

What did you get up to?

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