June 6, 2011


Over the weekend I did some serious re-organising, cleaning, moving around and tiding of Giggleberry HQ. It just feels nicer to walk into my sewing space with it all in order and ready to be used rather than in a shamble (which, believe me it was!)
In the re-organising process I decided I need to clear some older stock to make room for new designs and generally to create a bit more space to do the Giggleberry thing... Sooooooo it's time for a SALE!! Yay!!

This coming Wednesday the 8th of June at 8pm I will publish an album on the Giggleberry Facebook page HERE with a selection of Giggleberry buntings. There will be bargains galore!!
The first to comment SOLD on the photo will be the winning buyer. If there are more than one banner available the buyers will go in order of comments until items are sold out.
POSTAGE COSTS: flat rate postage costs of $6.50 Australia Wide (regular post) and $9.00 for international buyers. If you'd like express post please let me know after the sale.

So be sure to come over and 'Like' the Giggleberry Creations Facebook Page to snap up a Giggleberry bargain.

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