January 25, 2011

Valentine's Day with Giggleberry

The day of all things red, white, pink, heart shaped and lovely is sneaking up fast! Valentine's Day!!

Do you and your sweetheart exchange gifts? do your kiddies take little love note to school for their friends? Do you, like me, make a deal with your hubby to not buy gifts then break the rule and send him a helium balloon or single rose to his work and make him blush in front of all his mates?

How about telling your special valentine how you feel with some Giggleberry bunting this year... and in fact you could then use it EVERY year!
something like a simple I heart U like this one:

I could make bunting with any message or wording.... "Be Mine", "I'm Yours", "Valentine".... even "Marry Me"
or what about a personalised couple set like this one?

I'd love to make your Valentine's Day even more special with some bunting - just email me gigleberrycreations@gmail.com and we can chat.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

just had to click through to your blog via tied with a bouw b/c your name is just adorable! so glad i discovered you and your lovely creations!