September 9, 2010

Sewing Machine Hospital Holiday!

So busy with Giggleberry orders at the moment, YAY! and clearly (just check out the date of my last post) I am finding it tricky to squeeze in time to blog... sorry.

In fact I have been sooooo busy lately my faithful sewing machine decided (without consulting me) that a holiday was needed!! While in the middle of sewing a custom order my sewing machine gradually slowed until it came to a complete stop and no matter what I did or how long a break I gave it it just wouldn't start again!!
Off to the repairer it went today, with my fingers and toes crossed that after a week of rest, a service and a good clean it will be good as new.
In the mean time my lovely sister has come to the rescue. I have borrowed her machine to continue on with orders - so please don't panic if you are waiting on some bunting I am still on track.

Some sewing machine inspired items I found on etsy:

Sewing Machine Love Tee

Sewing machine embroidery design

Seamstress At Her Sewing Machine In Window Light print

Seamstress Teapot

1 comment:

Jen said...

oh no :(! Hope your machine is better soon! ... my big girl is soooo overdue for a service I am worried she is gonna clunk out on me, but I am so busy I don't have time to get her done... Love the pic of the print of the woman sewing, gorgeous! Hope you are enjoying that new home of yours ;)!
Jen xo