September 18, 2010

50 metre bunting custom order!!!

On Monday just gone I had an email come through asking me 2 things.
1) Can I make 50 metres of bunting?
2) Can it be made and delivered by the 25th of this month?

Well it took me back for a few minutes and with my sewing machine away being serviced I was a little hesitant but I what the heck - I jumped in!

So with my sisters sewing machine still on loan and the request for 2x 25 metre lengths of buntings in all different and bright coloured fabrics I have been cutting, ironing and sewing up a storm. I am thrilled to report I completed the whole order in just 5 days and sewed the last flag of the 250 flags into place just last night.

Then with the beautiful weather that Sydney turned out for us today I took the bunting into my backyard to snap a few pics before I package it up to send it off.

It's so long it filled my clothes line completely!!!

And with it all hanging up and looking so delicious I couldn't help but take a few snaps of it with my Hipstamatic iPhone app

It was ordered for a children's services event and I have my fingers and toes crossed that I get to see pics of it in use - if i do I'll be sure to share.


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, what a huge order to fill and make!! It looks fantastic hanging on your washing line :)

Megan said...

wow it looks amazing!

Crazy Gecko said...

Wow! Love the look of it all on the washing line! That really made me smile :)

Tied with a Bouw said...

Oh boy... now that's one big bunting! Well done my dear... good on you for taking on such a big job with such short notice... I'm sure they will LOVE it! x

Anonymous said...

Wow! Those colours look amazing!
Good for you for taking on the challenge! Hope you rewarded yourself with a nice glass of (insert favourite beverage here) afterwards !