May 18, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday!

On The Menu For Tonight:
Roast Chicken! Yum!

On My To Do List:
Sew pile of flags that I cut last night
Announce winner of Kookie blog giveaway
Post new Kookie blog giveaway
HUGE pile of washing - no not the same pile as last week.... another huge pile seems to have appeared!

New Recipe I Tried Last Week:
Quiche Lorraine...... winner with hubby - will have to make it a regular.

In The Craft Basket:
Button bouquet (another one.... last weeks was for my sister this week one for my Aunty - such a great handmade gift)

Looking Forward To:
My nieces 3rd birthday on the weekend

Giggle For The Week:
"Adults are always asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because they are looking for ideas" - Paula Poundstone

Favourite Blog Post Of The Week (Mine Or Other):
Paint your own Polka Dot Mat - Polka Dot Mom...... I've filed this one away for doing when I decorate my kids rooms.

Favourite Photo From Last Week:

Taken on Sunday night. I was doing tiny bits of sewing while waiting for dinner to finish cooking when Milla who was just about to go to bed wanted to see what I was up to. I mostly sew when she is in bed so she was amazed, and very excited, to see the sewing machine in action!

Lesson Learned From Past Few Days:
Always make sure you have super soft aloe vera tissues in the house in case of the flu hitting...... (sore nose)



BonTons said...

Mmm Quiche, haven't made that for a while. Cute pic of you and your girl!

Beadsme said...

Be careful of the new recipe for the following reasons:
1. Hub might get fed up with it.
2. Hub might boast at work about it and you will end up feeding a herd.

Klymyshyn Design said...

LOVELY and very refreshing!

chunkychooky (Cath) said...

isn't it "fun" when the little ones "help"...

Noah's Mommy said...

what an absolutely adorable picture....just to see that expression on her face....