February 15, 2011

Valentine's gift for Mr Giggleberry

I couldn't tell you yesterday what I had bought hubby for Valentine's Day because I didn't know if he would happen to read my blog before he got home from work to find his present - what a way to spoil the surprise hey? So I thought I'd share it with you today... it must still be Valentines Day somewhere in the world, right?
Now we don't usually exchange gifts but I do like to do something small to celebrate valentine's day as I'm such a romantic softy.

So first of all you need to know my man is a LOVER of skiing and the snow so when I spotted these gorgeous and fun pillow slips from Boldloft I just couldn't resist!! I have loved all the adorable goodies for boldloft for ages and thought this was the perfect excuse to buy something.
I then hung some I (heart) U bunting I had made on our bed head for a bit of extra mushiness ;)

When hubby came home from work - I said nothing about it and just waited for him to go into our room for whatever reason... it gave him a bit if a giggle and I think I might leave our room like that for a few more days.

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Jane (and Lou) said...

Oh Amy, just the name 'Mr Giggleberry' makes me giggle! Thanks:) Jane