February 6, 2013

My girls first day of school!

A much anticipated day - Milla's first day at Big School was a complete success. She had a ball!!
Amazingly, even with all her excitement, Milla managed to fall asleep relatively fast on Sunday night but before I headed off to bed for the night I spotted a little something in the kitchen. It seems our fairies had been listening to all our talk of big school and had decided to leave Milla something special...

Milla spotted it early on Monday morning and through a fit of excited giggles packed her school hat, jacket and lunch box in her new bag!

After breakfast we of course had to have the first day of school pics in her nice new uniform.

Just like when I started at the same school in the almost same uniform all those years ago!
There were two moments when I very, very nearly shed a tear. Watching Milla walk through the gates hand in hand with her daddy was the first one!

The other was listening to the principal talk to us in the school hall about how they promised to take care of our babies!
But I managed to hold it together. Just.
Milla was completely happy to head to her classroom and start her day. So with one more happy snap and a kiss goodbye from us she was off!
Sooooooo proud!!

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