January 22, 2013

Build-A-Bear Before 'Big School'!

With my little man, Harris starting preschool 2 days a week as of yesterday and my girl, Milla, not starting 'big school' for another week or so, today was the last chance (with Australia Day public holiday and a busy calendar) that my girl and I would have to hang out - just the two of us!
The perfect excuse, I think, for an extra special treat. So Milla and I dropped Harris at preschool then headed to Build-A-Bear Workshop.
Milla jumped right in after a quick explanation of what to do, starting with choosing the body of her soon to be new friend. She chose a white puppy covered in pink and red hearts.

Next step was to choose some sayings for her puppy to say.
With puppy's new voice box inserted we headed to the stuffing machine to make her extra cuddly.
Then Milla had to choose a heart for her friend. She was told to hold it extra tight in her hand, close her eyes and make a wish. With a quick kiss it went into puppy's belly just before it was all sewn up.

After a quick brush, blow dry and preen came the fun part - choosing an outfit!!

Milla asked her puppy what she wanted and after much discussion it was a team decision to go with a pink tutu and pink ballet slippers!

Straight to the dressing room...

One last brush of the fur and a little time to think of a name for her new friend and Milla was ready to officially register 'Heart' for a birth certificate.

Heart was then given a few extra bows and a new carry box/house to come home in and we were off. The box lasted just a little while before Milla asked to pull Heart out and carry her around the shops.

Heart travelled home very safely in Harris' car seat then while Milla spent the next half hour or so colouring in Heart's box I quickly sewed up a baby carrier for the new mum and her puppy!

Such a fun morning and what a memory to make, for me and Milla, before she heads off to big school.

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