December 3, 2009

Christmas decorating with Giggleberry

About a week ago I had a custom order for some Christmas bunting banners. The customer had seen this 'Crisp Christmas' bunting set while she was flicking through the Giggleberry Facebook page and wanted the something very similar...

only instead of red and green she was after red and turquoise - how fun! I had the bunting made up and posted off in no time and have just received back some snaps of her unique and fun bunting hanging proudly in her home ready for Christmas.

If you are after some custom bunting to decorate your home for the Christmas season be sure to contact me through the Giggleberry Etsy shop HERE or email me at giggleberrycreations(at) to be sure you will have it in time for your Christmas parties!!


1 comment:

Halle Jay said...

Well done Amy.....these look FAB!!xx