July 21, 2008

A great big THANK YOU to all!

Okay so I have no finger nails left, my mouse is worn out from clicking around in forums asking - well begging - for votes, my Facebook friends are probably very over my group messages and my hubby could tell you the link from memory he has seen it so much.... but now voting has closed for the 2008 Chick Designer Contest.
I have to say a HUGE thank you to every one who voted for Giggleberry's flags! The response was overwhelming! If I could send you all a personalized thank you card -just like this great one from a fellow Etsy seller macaroniandglue I would!

There were votes from complete strangers just wanting to lend their support, votes from family members who may be a little biased in choosing their favorites, votes from valued customers, votes from other Etsy sellers, and votes from fellow FAM team members.
The support and good luck wishes from everyone was amazing and very much appreciated! Special mention must go out to FAM team members andreabaker, emcisaac, Holycraft, & sghulett who started threads, posted the competition details in other sites & forums, kept threads alive and generally made the voting process allot of fun! But I know many others were sending good luck vibes and voting any way they could, again I say THANK YOU!

There was some great entries and stiff competition, some with a great support team voting for them which kept it very exciting right to the end. The voting will now be tallied up and the results will be posted on the Chick Adventures blog in the next few days. I'll let you all know how Giggleberry Creations goes as soon as possible......... it's just fingers crossed now!