June 14, 2008

Lots of ordering ready for lots of making!

It's Saturday afternoon here on a cold winters day and my husband and two girls are all asleep in various rooms of the house trying to recover from the flu! I've got a husband in bed, one daughter asleep under her quilt on the couch and the other daughter wrapped up and tucked into her cot. So with the house being so quiet - a rare and beatiful thing - I'm in the back room of the house with the laptop, quietly ordering and therefore spending madly online.
I have just ordered some great blue, aqua and brown Micheal Miller fabrics from a fellow Estian (fabricsupplies) and from another (ravenlp) 90, yes 90, yards of ribbon in various colours.
It might take a few days to get to me but it looks like I've got a few full weeks ahead with my sewing machine...... as long as I can continue to avoid the flu...

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